Our Story

Welcome to Mia & Stitch, step into the world of fantasy in fabrics. We are an online platform specializing in Modern Home Décor, Chic Cushion Covers, Throws, Drapes and Décor Fabrics as well as Kids Room Decor, Posters and Prints and other General Home decor items.

Mia & Stitch was founded in Hong Kong in 2010 by Yael, an Architect and Designer while caring for my daughter Mia, then in her infancy. Starting off as a handmade shop, the shop grew steadily with the positive feedback received from our loyal customers worldwide. Our online shop is now offering extended range of trendy, quality home products from home textiles, through to kids room decor, wall art and home decor accessories for the hip modern family.

We ship Worldwide! Thank you for visiting and please get in touch if you have any questions through whatsup or through email: miaandstitch@hotmail.com